Paragliding Logbook

Finally a logbook application to keep detailed and easy records of your multi paragliding disciplines!

Available for both Apple and Android devices


Finally a system to assist you in managing your entire paragliding school & operation!

Manage important documentation, student files, instructor flight logs and debriefs, equipment usage, general statistics and reports, and more!

Available for both Apple and Android devices.

The all new clever Paragliding Logbook for the serious paragliding enthusiasts offers load of important information at your fingertips.

“You have to try it to appreciate it!”

Keep record of hours flown on each glider and discipline

Track equipment usage and last inspection dates. View uniquely generated glider reports, Total Flight Time, Average Flight Time, Total Flights, Average Distance, Flights Solo, Flights Tandem, etc.

Keep record of your take-off locations and statistics

View site specific statistics as you log more flights and add to your Paragliding Logbook

Quickly access recent information from your dashboard

by browsing recent Flights, Lifetime statistics and more.

Carry forward totals from your previous logbook

and continue your new logbook where your previous one ended. Specify total Solo Flights and Hours, Tandem Flights and Hours, PPG Flights and Hours, etc. all in one logbook.

Easily generate your complete logbook summarised

and detailed for each discipline. License renewals now made easy!!! Carry forward totals will be included in your generated logbook.

Offline? No problem

Paragliding Logbook will cache the neccesary information and perform a sync once you have internet access again.

Please be sure to check for updates regularly.  If you have any feature recommendations or need support, please feel free to contact us at

Now with the new Commercial Tandem Pilot/Instructor feature to assist fulltime Tandem Pilots. Please contact us for more information.

Reduce your admin, and increase
your time spent in the air.

Because life is too short to waste on paperwork.

About Us

Welcome to the Paragliding Logbook Collective, where we go above and beyond to support the paragliding community! Our flagship app, Paragliding Logbook, is designed to empower beginner to intermediate pilots by tracking their progress seamlessly.

But that’s not all! We are proud to introduce another incredible addition to our family: the Paragliding School Management System, IndemniFly. This powerful app system is tailored to assist paragliding schools in handling paperwork, managing students, and meeting audit requirements with ease.

With our comprehensive system, we’ve got you covered from takeoff to landing, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for schools, students, and recreational pilots alike.

Ruard de Bruyn
Founder & Developer

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