Finally a system to assist you in managing your entire paragliding school & operation!

Manage important documentation, student files, instructor flight logs and debriefs, equipment usage, general statistics and reports, and more!

Available for both Apple and Android devices

The all new clever Paragliding managment system offers load of important information at your fingertips. A must have business companion, like having your own personal business manager in your pocket.

“Administration has never been so easy!”

Manages School Paperwork

IndemniFly has the functionality to manage your entire operations paperwork. Everything in one place, streamlining your whole operation, reducing your administrative burden. Paperwork has never been so simple.

Offline? No problem

IndemniFly will cache the neccesary information and perform a sync once you have internet access again.

Pre-Arrival Registration

IndemniFly now has the ability to have your students/clients complete the required paperwork online before arrival. 

Export to .XLSX

Export your Student lists, Instructor Information, Single Integrated Reports and Daily Financial Recons with with the click of a button.  

Equipment Tracking

View equipment information like hours on gliders, total flights flown and last service dates with reports ensuring compliance and safety.

Tie it all together

Go the full circle with the Paragliding Logbook application for your Instructors. Contact us for a free demonstration of the Paragliding Logbook System.


As paragliding is contingent on weather conditions, our pricing model aligns with your actual usage, invoiced on a monthly basis.

Charges are based on the number of students/clients registered and flown. If your usage is substantial, we invite you to reach out to us. We’re open to negotiating preferential rates beyond a certain usage threshold.

The more you log, the greater the potential for reduced pricing. Contact us to explore customized solutions for your frequent usage needs.

Please be sure to check for updates regularly.  If you have any feature recommendations or need support, please feel free to contact us at

Reduce your admin, and increase
your efficiency. Saving you time and money!

Because life is too short to waste on paperwork.

About Us

Welcome to the Paragliding Logbook Collective, where we go above and beyond to support the paragliding community! Our flagship app, Paragliding Logbook, is designed to empower beginner to intermediate pilots by tracking their progress seamlessly.

But that’s not all! We are proud to introduce another incredible addition to our family: the Paragliding School Management System, IndemniFly. This powerful app system is tailored to assist paragliding schools in handling paperwork, managing students, and meeting audit requirements with ease.

With our comprehensive system, we’ve got you covered from takeoff to landing, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for schools, students, instructors and recreational pilots alike.

Ruard de Bruyn
Founder & Developer

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